Michaele L. Stoughton lives in upstate New York with her husband of twenty-six years, two daughters and way too many pets to list. She confesses that right now there are probably more pictures of her cats on her phone than there are of her kids.

She describes herself as a contradiction, because even though she was a varsity basketball cheerleader and a baton twirler with the marching band, she was extremely shy and quiet. A wallflower. That hasn’t changed much. She may not be the chattiest in her social media endeavors, but once you get her started, she may not shut up.


Michaele wasn’t much of a reader as a child, nor did she like naps. But that has changed. She’s now a voracious reader and napper. She’s also an impatient procrastinator who loves the morning sun but hates to be awake for it.


At various times Michaele’s been an ice-cream scooper, a wedding DJ, a balloon-toting clown, a travel agent and a dental assistant. Now she writes young adult novels, with a particular interest in paranormal romance. Her debut, Pleasantwick, released February 2015.