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Anon said:
"Captivating! Excellent character development. I hope for another very soon."

Hungry For Books (Top 500 Amazon Reviewer) said:

"I want to commend the author's bravery in her story-telling approach. Clearly Stoughton is well-studied in her profession, as she is one of the few authors who seems to truly understand what it means to show instead of tell. She could make a great screenwriter at this rate! Most noticeable was the way the author used her character's action and reactions to SHOW emotions and SHOW why they did the things they did (rather than telling the reader or going on long narrative tangents about why the characters did every little thing they did). I've seen very few authors do this with excellence; Stoughton is one of them. I could FEEL what the characters were going through without ever being told. Of course, this requires the reader to have heart and be capable of feeling things independently and through empathy; if you lack heart or empathy, this book is not for you.
This story was a delight from start to finish, with plenty on the pages to keep my guessing and keep me stressing until the surprise reveal at the end! Most importantly, this was a fun read. One that can be enjoyed by adults and teens alike. It was nice, for once, to read a book that wasn't trying to be self-important and one that just wanted to entertain me. This did that in spades."

Erica said:
"Pleasantwick is a page turner, can't put it down, stay up all night to finish, kind of book. The story/ concept was different than I have ever read. It draws you in and takes you along for a fun filled, love story, fantasy ride! I finished it in 2 days... I just had to keep reading to see what happens next. I loved it and am impatiently waiting and hoping for #2 of a series!! Incredible first book for M.L. Stoughton... I am excited to see what she creates next!"

Paula Lesso said:
"This debut novel for young adults really hits the mark. PLEASANTWICK is a juicy blend of suspense, romance and the paranormal, exactly what I love to read. Opening with a short angst-riddled passage dating back to the Salem witch trial period, the book continues to weave brief and relevant family historical events throughout the exciting contemporary narrative. I'm not usually a fan of historical writing, but M.L. Stoughton really captures long-ago voices and shares only necessary bits, each one adding to the story. The past and present are both compelling." 

Dawn Rumburg said:
"Pleasantwick is a wonderful read. Think Charmed meets Pleasantville. If you're interested in witches, magical spells, hidden worlds, first-time love and the evil that tries to destroy it, then Pleasantwick is for you. The storyline is interesting and unique. The author successfully interweaves historical, contemporary, and fantasy worlds in a wonderful blend. It's like getting three books in one! It has it all. Suspense, drama, action, romance, excitement, and an unexpected twist as she skillfully brings the characters to life.
My interest was piqued at page one, as the author gives a glimpse to the story’s roots. I'm a fan of fantasy books involving witches, and Pleasantwick didn't disappoint. The history is well-written and believable. The visuals for the hidden world are done beautifully and envisioning the streets of Pleasantwick comes easily. The main character, Melinda, has the perfect amount of flaws and quirks necessary to make her a very likeable, real person. The story pulled me in, compelled me to turn pages, and held me in its grasp all the way through to the surprising ending."

Janine Carbone (author of Wildfower) said:
"Who doesn't like a nice romance intertwined with fantasy? This is an absolute must read. The characters Stoughton created along with the mystical world managed to pull me in. I found myself routing for the "good guys" while quickly flipping through pages because the suspense in the book kept a constant need for me to find out more! I enjoyed Melinda's character and watching her strength build as she had to overcome one obstacle after another, and fighting to receive answers to all the questions building inside of her. The end was also a pleasant surprise and one I never guessed was coming."

(My favorite note from an one of my editors)


"I ended this book the same way I started it. . . with a smile. I love Luke and Melinda and their supporting cast. Adam and Luke were the perfect brothers. The story and intrigue keep you speeding thru the pages but the fun and twist make you slow down and enjoy each word. The author has created a beautiful world with many stories to tell and it is a joy to be apart of all of it, the good and the bad. With powers and love all of it can some how work out fine.
Great story, well written this is going to be an author I continue to follow."

~Amazon reviewer, Teri Hicks