Imogene's Ingenuity
Beula's Brains
Mia's Misfits
Fae's Fantasy
Emmeline's Exile
Catalina's Cause

The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides
A historical western multi-author series

For decades, The Wigg School and Foundling Home of New York City has been the home and education of many of the city's orphans. In fact, the current teachers are Madam Wigg's first "crop" of students, all grown into accomplished young ladies. But she is bothered by the idea of them spending the rest of their lives tied to the Home, without ever finding love. Madam Wigg knows each one of them dreams of being in charge of her own school, so  she makes them all an offer...

Glory's Groom

Series Milestone Badges

Jessamine's Journal
Dorthy's Disasters

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Olivia's Obligation
Leanna's Light
Abigail's Adventure
Harriet's Hope
Phebe's Promise
Nellies Notion