Paranormal Mystery (currently titled CRASHING SOULS)

After getting kicked out of her old school, Ronnie becomes the target of the mean girl clique at Evergreen, a boarding school for troubled teens. And these girls are out for blood.

One night, under the belief she’s being accepted into their group, the girls lure her to their room where they stage a nasty prank. Using a Ouija board, the girls fake contact with Ronnie’s dead mother. Little do they know, their phony séance has opened a real door to the other side. And it’s not her mother they’ve let in.

When strange things start to occur, the mean girls blame Ronnie. But she sees what’s really happening. They’re being haunted. Realizing the spirit is trying to communicate, she follows clues that lead her to a missing classmate’s body. Now Ronnie might be the killer’s next victim.