What We Hide
(querying completed manuscript, 70k words)

Wracked with guilt following her mother’s death, sixteen-year-old Ronnie Campbell is falling apart. And with her grades dipping and violent outbursts on the rise, she’s sent off to a boarding school for troubled teens.

The first couple days are rough, until she meets Will Tucker. Cute and charming, Will may just be the distraction Ronnie needs. But it turns out the leader of the mean girl clique has her sights set on Will too, and when she overhears Ronnie claim responsibility for her mother’s death, she plots an evil plan.

Under the guise of a peace offering, the girls include Ronnie for an evening of fun and games. Ronnie is suspicious when their idea of fun is playing with a Ouija board, but she gives them the benefit of the doubt. She shouldn’t have. Because the girls pretend to make contact with Ronnie’s mother. And to make matters worse, their phony séance has opened a door to the other side.

Now Ronnie fears her mother’s spirit has come to punish her, and she’s forced to deal with the ghosts of her past. Especially if she’s ever going to put the spirit to rest. But there are two problems: it’s not her mother they’ve let in … and someone at the school is guarding a deadly secret.

The Wild Ones

When Cassidy ends up homeless the summer after graduation, she joins a group of ragtag kids on the run in Wilder Beach, New Jersey.

Together, they face a pier with a haunting legend, a hurricane, and being hunted by an abusive parent and DCS.

But in the midst of it all, found family will make it a summer to remember.